Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kristie & Jen ringing in the new year

2005 was a great year. Plenty of time to spend on the big lake, with friends and with family. Tonie and I took a quick trip out to see Tina in Washington. Taking a side trips to Seattle and Van Couver BC. The weather was rainy and cold, but the company was warm and entertaining.

Spent lots of time at northport cottage, Chicago and hanging out in West Michigan.Had a great time with all the girl friends in December at our annual get together and said goodbye to the 2005 at the annual Wilson new years party.

In the next month I will be preparing for a trip down to Colima mexico with Tina and Tracy. We will be working to build a building at an orphan home. There are homes for babies, girls, boys and this building will be for boys over the age of 12. Rich will be also exploring the back country of Ontario Canada on his sled...burr!

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Tina Bo Bina said...

Nice photo girls. You know that if you wrap the ribbon too tight, you may cut off the circulation to your brain. How many Zimas did it take to get you to start accessorizing with party decorations?