Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What a year

2008 was quite a year! After being married 16 years to the greatest guy, we gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She was a surprise in more than one way! She has turned our lives upside down and kept us very busy. Being a mom at 40 something has to be a little more difficult than 2o something. It has settled us down a bit. Normally I am used to jet setting every month or so someplace interesting, and there has been pretty much a big stay-cation this year for me. We did make it to all our friend events and still get to the cottage, but no trips to the back hills of Guatemala.

Here as a photo of our little sweet V at 7 months. She know has longer hair and is cruising all over the place. She is a happy baby all the time. My sister said it best..."God only give us what we can handle and you can't handle much". I have no problem having the worlds best baby! For those know us, we don't do anything status quo. So we said "if we have one child, we might as well have two"! In the year 2008 we not only had the love of our lives "little sweet V" be we also have another daughter too. You say, how is that possible? Well we are adopting a little girl from Africa! Okey you can stand up now ; )

As far as the adoption goes, we are pretty sure the heart of our daughter is already beating and she is alive, but we don't know where she is or nor have we seen her face or heard her name. We are waiting. Yes that word that so many adoptive parents know so well. There are two ways to adopt, Celebrity style and the responsible way. We of course are acting responsible (well you have to being married to Mr R). Instead of jetting to the orphanage and choosing a child, then making the wait for all the red tape, we are doing it in reverse. We are getting everything all set so we can receive a referral of a child then urgently go get them. There are lots of reasons for doing it this way that I am sure you will understand if you knew the conditions of extreme poverty that these childeren are faced with. You can check out more if you want to visit our adoption blog at

Well here are 20 memories and events of the year...
  1. Bought our newest vehicle ever, a black Dodge Durango
  2. Had a baby
  3. Finished pare of our basement (not the way we would have liked, but the economy version)
  4. Became a working mom
  5. Hosted my Sister from Seattle for long weekend (that was great)
  6. Painted the Northport Cottage for summer rentals ( for the old color. The new color is a sage green.
  7. Planted 100 tomato plants in our community garden, but wasn't a very good weeder : (
  8. Had a big baptism for sweet V with her Aunt and Uncle from Colorado
  9. Went on family vacation with a big group of friends
  10. Decided to adopt (as tough as number 2 above)
  11. Ran around for a month doing paperwork, home studies and paying agency fees
  12. Watched my 401k plummet in half. Struggled to keep positive during rough times.
  13. Asked "what happened to summer"
  14. Trick or treated and Voted...both were scary!
  15. Went wine tasting with my friend Tanya in Lealand (the best part is the boys were watching the kiddos)
  16. Went on a road trip to a fall girly get away shopping extravaganza
  17. Said goodbye to family over a long Thanksgiving weekend- Worried about my dad who went in the hospital for 3+ weeks
  18. Hosted a big holiday party for almost 40 women
  19. Made an effort to keep in touch with new and old friends and met up with some in person
  20. Attended the Wilson annual ringing in the new year event. Can't think of a better place to start 2009!

Well you can't really say that is a blog worthly list, but what is? We had a great year and everyone was alive and well at the end of the year. And working which is a huge undertaking in this environment. I have never been smothered with so much love as my new little daughter has shed on me. Of course having her around gives all my pals a real excuse to get together and see us. All together I consider it a blue sky year!

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